What Is Ghasam?

GHASAM is an acronym that stands for “Ghanaian Students’ Association in Morocco”. It is an association on with the primary aim of reinforcing solidarity and fraternal links to help not only students but also the Ghanaian community in Morocco. It was formed back in Feburay 2003 and it is non-political and non-religious. GHASAM is made up of three main organs namely the General Assembly,Executive Committee and Steering Committee which have their main roles and at the same time can work together to ensure the smooth running of the association.

Why Belong To Ghasam?

GHASAM goes a long way than just being an association. There is the brotherly love that binds members together whereby one always gets someone to share thoughts with. In fact, we are a FAMILY.

How Do I Join Ghasam?

Membership to GHASAM is silent in the sense that once you are awarded with the scholarship letter and you accept to study here, you are part of this great family.

What Can Ghasam Do For Me?

Before any Ghanaian steps foot in Morocco, he/she must first know that their interest have been the responsibility of GHASAM.Over the years, GHASAM has done everything possible to ensure the safety,comfort,and good image of Ghanaian students.It is the main channel of communication from the embassy to students and it continues to ensure that Ghanaian students have that enabling environment outside home.You must however know that GHASAM is not a little group of people.All Ghanaian students make up GHASAM.